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Japan Expo & news!

Hi guys! I hope everything is going well for you. ~ I think I'm gonna use this lj more... poor thing, I forget it too much. m(_ _;;)m

★ As you probably know, Japan Expo is going to take place on July 5th to 8th this year, in Paris. You will be able to find me in Hall 6 (god, why...) with the others artits amateurs. I'll be there with all the Rainbow Toast members, at DH14 booth!

Come and see us! ♥ We'll be happy to talk with everybody! >w<

★ Ages ago, I promised a picture of me to celestial_m00n... since I have a new haircut, and new glasses too, I took one last week. HERE YOU ARE, LILITH. AND I'M NOT MOE. UNDERSTOOD? ಠ_ಠ Also, you'll get new pictures from Japan Expo, because I'll cosplay Break, and be a cute lolita 50/50. =w=;;

★ AND NOW, SERIOUS BUSINESS. I'm sorry to all of the people following/watching me on tumblr and deviantart, but I think my computer's got some virus that my antivirus CAN'T FIND and... yeah, my tumblog was deleted twice, and my devaccount has just been deactivated for the second time... I'm gonna do something to fix that (because that's like more than a year I "live" with all those bugs) but I have tons of works with the convention right now. Sorry again, but I wanted to let you know.
For reminder, here is my tumblr, and there my devaccount. ~

That's it for today, lovies. ♥
Take care.

P.S.: Thank you for the watch on dA, Lexi. ////// Since I can't leave a comment there, I tell you here how grateful I am. You made my day. ;;;;;; /hughughug. ♥
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It was the time I post an entry like that. xD And... yes. Break EVERYWHERE. -dies-
All the claims I've made are here. And I'll edit as soon as I'll have new ones. o/

Call me Mrs. Break

Xerxes Break
is my drug,
                     my permanent addiction.

can describe how much i love Xerxes Break.

It's simple;

Current status:

the melody of Lacie shall make us ☾ meet again ☽ Xerxes Break

I'm invited! I'm invited!
to a tea party in the abyss with ○ Xerxes Break

Xerxes Break and I kissed on ferris wheel [last night] ♪ 」

XERXES BREAK your skies are mine。

× × × omg you're just so ☆ kawaii Xerxes Break!!

✿saranghae [Xerxes Break.]

in winter, our white breaths touching [Xerxes Break]

✈ DR. XERXES BREAK ✈ always take care of me whenever i'm sick!❞

【 even cupcake is never as sweet as
❝break's ❞ smile! 】
Xerxes B. || ♥

hello, i am an entry~

    Yosh. Shin here.

I've decided to change the name of my LJ. Just a desire that came to me, few days ago. :3
And... oh guys, I suck with introductions. I really do. ;o; So, huh... let's see.

I'm seventeen (eighteen in two months .___.) and I'm not a USA/UK native, so forgive my English mistakes. I really like manganime, reading, writing, drawing, and I've recently found a kind of... curiosity with icons-making. Hope I'll be able to do something cool with that. ;w; I'm a girl-gamer and a supah crazy fan of Zelda's saga and Professor Layton's.

I don't know what I'm gonna do with that Journal... certainly a life-telling one, maybe with arties and stuffs like that. :3

See ya everyone!
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